PicaPica at Woodburner Dalston Curve

There’s this garden right near Dalston Junction tube, a venue where they have pizza & a bar & mindfulness classes & yoga & you can go be in a little dirty green space in the choking city. The sky is full of seagulls & 747s. There’s a stage near the kids play area and they have music, sometimes. Ed Begley played first. He’s a prodigious, soaring vocalist, reminded me of Jeff Buckley. He plays keys, too, and had a red Rhodes right there, in this garden, with a synth on top of it. He’s as masterful at that and he makes wonderful music. I’d recommend catching him live if you can. A band called Kashu played next, I didn’t take any photos of them. Then PicaPica (or Vagina Vagina in Icelandic, as was confirmed last night) played a set in their three piece configuration. I don’t wanna write any words about it, so I’ll just let the few photos I took explain, just a few digital efforts. I shot a roll of 35mm but i’m on the move right now. I’ll share them when i develop them. Enjoy, and please, look out for each other.

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