Anna Tivel & Jeffrey Martin

We visited Cafe#9 in Sheffield last night to see Anna Tivel & Jeffrey Martin, two of our favourite singer songwriters from the US on the last date of their European tour. What a night. The kind of show that reminds you why you go to shows. They both played greatest hits sets with a few new songs that I can’t wait to hear recorded. They were welcoming, warm, friendly, tired, charming & their voices & songs filled that little room in the haunting way that only a few people can do.

First up was this local lad, went by the name Robbie, had a line in quiet, pristine, precious little songs about his exes. Photogenic & enigmatic, he was.

Then Jeffrey played a solo set, then Anna joined him, then Anna played a solo set and Jeffrey joined her, here’s a little gallery.

Read more about Jeffrey here, he has one of my favourite musicians websites, his biography is a work of perfect genius. Listen to One Go Around. It’s a masterpiece.

Do the same with Anna here, whose website is also very nice, that main photo of her is one I sure wish I took & her ‘The Question’ LP stands shoulder to shoulder with Jeffrey’s, what a combination they are.

They’re two of the very best, catch them if you can.

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