Day 5: Making I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot

And lo, the recording is complete.

So here’s a little gallery of yesterday when I left my camera at the studio so you can keep seeing things in the right order.

Here’s Josienne’s single-handed woodwind orchestra…

And here’s Josienne screaming at the strings of an upright piano…

And today! Paul Mosley joined us! Paul Mosley is playing on my album! I am so humbled. It’s such a pleasure to watch him work, he’s an actual magician. A musician’s musician. If you haven’t heard his album ‘You’re Going To Die!” then please, right that wrong, it’s a masterpiece.

He played the Wurlitzer & Rhodes pianos, the Hammond organ & the little wooden harmonium, mainly on songs called ‘Long Goodbyes’ & ‘My Kind Of Chaos’. It really gave things a kick in the feels. I hope you winced at that shit phrase but I could think of no other quick way of expressing what Paul does.

So, what happens next?

I have MP3 demos. They need to be mixed then mastered.

I am more delighted than I could ever express to tell you that Richard Littler of Scarfolk fame is designing the sleeve based on a photograph by Trevor Hamilton. I’ve seen a mock up & it’s a doozy.

I hope to make CD copies in January / February and release it in March onto bandcamp. I have no label support or cash. There is no promotional PR budget. There is no crowdfund. I’m saying this, myself, with the help of some dear friends who care enough to help. I’ll live or die or sink or swim by my own hand, but it will be all mine, and we all know how important that is. I’ll be sticking it in envelopes & begging for reviews & gigs & bookings & press & interviews, so you know what to do. Yell at me if you’d like to help! Anyone who enjoys it & shares it or likes it or writes to say they like it, well, you’re the best.

Me, I’m just the right hand of the cross & if I can do it, anyone can.

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