Sam Lou Uncased Episode 4: me…

I did an interview with Sam Lou Talbot, the enigmatic music scholar & multi-disciplinary artist who called me a ‘master of narrativising the narrative’ which was brilliant & terrifying & intriguing, so I agreed to talk to her via skype for an hour & a half. She wrote a terrific instagram post about it, see:

“December 12, 2019, and the Red Wall has fallen. But there are still albums to be made! And podcasts to be heard! In this festive Episode 4 of Sam Lou Uncased, Sam Lou Talbot heads into an alchemical new decade in conversation with the self-proclaimed “master of nothing” and “council house Leonard Cohen”, Mr Alec Bowman. Laying it all bear, the self-deprecating musician, songwriter, film maker and photographer gets to grips with the ways we’re supposed to talk about ourselves today; the right chords and the right words and the right notes, said in the right way; Premier Inns; and the grit of Rothesay; the vulnerable defiance of John Moreland live; the untouchability of the character that is Gillian Welch; second chances; and what it means to be raw, brave and bold through song en route to 2020.”

Thanks for having me on, Sam! I hope you get everything you deserve in two thousand & twenty.

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