‘I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot’ out 1st May 2020

My album is now available to pre-order at bandcamp, released to the world on CD / digital download & streaming services on May 1st 2020.

It’s been a wild ride, taken so much from me & given more back. Watching these songs build from tiny embryos fumbling around in the ocean washing round my head, being teased out onto a page, then captured on tape by folks with the skill & patience to do it. It’s really something else to be inside.

There’s nothing like making a record & this is nothing like what I’ve done before. This is all me, 11 songs about the journey I’ve been on last few years. It’s angry, in places. Broken, in others. Fragile, nearly everywhere. Quieter than I hear it myself, in my own head, where it sounds more assured, more like other things. I’m no good at objectively assessing my own work, I just do the thing I do and someone else is going to have to say if it’s folk or alt-folk or lo-fi or no-wave or anything else. These aren’t characters, that’s what comes out when I open my mouth, that’s what I sound like, one of the voices of a person in the world. I’m not proud of feeling some of the things I express, but I did it anyway because I did feel them. I’m not giving answers or telling anyone else what to do or think. I’m just saying what I see, being honest as I can, using words to close chapters, end dialogues & start over. A new leaf. A blank page. A clean slate. That’s what I want, to own my vulnerability by expressing it, shout my flaws from the rooftops, then anyone naming them will be weaker because even if they remain flaws, they are mine, my scar tissue on my skin, owned by me, worn on the outside, and if you’re going to judge me, then do it with an open hand in the cold light of a future day, rather than under the cover of a darkness past.

Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Physics & Form
  2. A Ditch Worth Dying For
  3. Safe Mode
  4. Leaves
  5. Long Goodbyes
  6. Intermission – The Old Rugged Cross
  7. Patience
  8. Hand In Hand
  9. The Event Horizon Of You
  10. My Kind Of Chaos
  11. Never The End Of The World

I don’t know if those track titles speak for themselves or not. I hope they make sense when you hear it. Which will be soon. To anyone who has already pre-ordered, I can’t thank you enough, your faith in this project is nearly the only thing keeping it going. That’s kind of what ‘My Kind Of Chaos’ is about; singing because if you don’t, anyone else singing will be doing it alone.

If anyone wants a copy to review, please let me know. If you’d like to interview me about the record, then I would be delighted to do that. I will come & play songs on your radio show or at the night you promote or in your house or at your local pub or Premier Inn Brewer’s Fayre music appreciation night.

Be seeing you!


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