The Scalpel of Studio Lights

I reckon it would’ve been January 2019 when I joined Josienne Clarke for a week at Watercolour Music near Fort William. That was when Josienne was recording of her ‘In All Weather’ album, where I made the video for ‘If I Didn’t Mind’. Some of you will remember my tweets from that week. What a mad rush of blood to the head it was, an emotional avalanche, working in a recording studio can be. I don’t have the words for how torn & broken I felt at points, and how exhilarated I felt at others. The scalpel of studio lights will do that to a person.

Well, next week, we’re off north again to do it all over again.

I won’t say what, why or how because it’s not my place, but suffice it to say, this has been a difficult call to make. We are in Scotland anyway, and we are taking every step to ensure we adhere to all social distancing guidelines. No stone is unturned and nobody is travelling from or to a place that is not allowed. We won’t be mixing except outside acceptable bubbles & we have put the needs of the local community and the studio owners above our own. Everyone is safe, legal & protected.

All I have to do is keep my shit together. Tune in on twitter next week to find out how I do, and anyone fancies telling me that I have a right to live & work, to express myself, to experience love & sadness, well, I might just need to hear it.

Here’s a little gallery from last time, from when I went for a little lonely wander while the grownups did their thing. This time, I get to play, just a little. But, I’ll try to take some photographs next week to show you a little behind the scenes of how it’s going.

Follow Josienne on twitter for the real story. And don’t forget, if you get a moment, wish me luck.

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