Josienne Clarke’s New Album Announced!

Josienne announces her new LP today – ‘A Small Unknowable Thing’.

Out August 13th 2021 via Josienne’s own label, Corduroy Punk Records.


Pre-order & listen to it however you like using this link.

I took the photographs on the cover & inside, played electric & upright bass on a few tunes and made a video (or two…or more?) for it, also out today!

I’m so very grateful to JC for the chance to collaborate. It’s been an incredible journey. I’m proud of her & what she’s made & of my part in it. This is my best work, and I reckon it’s hers, too.

Here’s the cover. Shot on a Canon 5d mkiii with a 24mm L lens at f1.4, ISO50 & 1/200s at Broadscope Studios in Glasgow. It was so hard to choose this shot, there were so many keepers in that set, but in the end, she always came back here.

Here’s the video for ‘Sit Out’, the first single…

That’s Josienne playing herself twice, a couple of all-round stand-up game-for-a-laugh good guys from Twitter (Man Skirt & Kieran) and me playing an insufferable arsehole guitarist. Hopefully, it’ll make you smile as much as we did making it.

So, here you go, that link again –

If you visit the bandcamp page ( you’ll find how to pre-order Digital, CD & Vinyl copies as well as a print of a photograph I took during the sessions.

The album is out on August 13th 2021 & between then and now, lots of things are going to happen. Lots more things I can’t say, but watch this space, stay with us, because this is it. This is the moment that you can help. The part where we need you, or all this work & effort & resource & love is just poured into a vacuum. It’s taken everything to make this. It’s been planned so carefully, so meticulously, everything has been given to this work. It might not feel like much, but trust me when I say that anyone who streams, buys, shares, retweets, tells a friend, likes, comments, writes about, asks about it in a record shop or engages in any way with this art is so very valuable. Making a noise in the flood is hard, but this is the real thing & we really do notice & appreciate anyone who engages. It means the world.

Support the art & artists you love. Josienne needs your help & hates to ask, but I know you’ll want to give her everything you can. Now’s the time. Thanks!

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