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Seven Days in the Shadow of the Mountain

A dramatic title. Truth is, it is dramatic. Long time readers will know that I’ve been to Watercolour Music in the foothills of Ben Nevis on the shore of Loch Linnhe before, and written lots about what that was like. I’m not going to link to those posts here & now. Go find them, if you like. It was years ago. Doesn’t matter what I said then. That was then, this is now. Shit is different. I learned, grew, developed, invested in myself. It paid off. I believed I could, so I did, the driftwood & shells wall art says, and you know what, it worked. Here I am.

Josienne is recording her new album. I can say no more than that about what that is. Go ask her!

I’m playing bass guitar, recording videos & taking photographs, which is more than I ever dared hope for myself. I brought some lights and some camera stuff. Not lots, because there’s only me. We do this ourselves. A select few seem able, willing & prepared to help – special, patient people who are worth their weight in gold. We’re back in a month or two with some jazz musicians who I’ll get to play with. Best and most talented musicians on the planet. And little old me. Believe & invest in yourself. Find a thing you love and try to not let it kill you.

Notice – legendary Mary Ann Kennedy there, playing harp. that’s a gift from me to you. Wait til you hear.

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