Mr. Alec Bowman_Clarke

master of nothing: musician, photographer & filmmaker

I am a freelance musician, photographer, filmmaker & WEM consultant for hire, based near Glasgow in Scotland but I (used to) travel all over the world with work. I have a full continuous & strobe lighting shooting kit, a collection of modern & vintage lenses & cameras & full transport capability.


I shoot with digital, 35mm film & 120 medium format. Which one I use depends on what it is we’re making. Let the techniques employed be determined by the brief & the desired outcome, not the other way around.

If you like what you see, hear or read then please hire me to work on your project. I’m easy to work with & I’d love to help bring that elusive spark to whatever it is you’re making.

I am a part of Massive Overheads Productions, a film production company I set up with Andrew Leach to tell the stories we make up & I co-own Corduroy Punk Records with Josienne Clarke. I also do a bit of IT consultancy for Darling Solutions Ltd, too.

Follow me on twitter & instagram to keep up with all the stuff I’m working on, or read more in-depth articles in my blog or portfolio here for details.