Exploring Rothesay Baths

I’m no history buff & I’m not pretending to be, I just like to find beauty in places you wouldn’t expect it, and abandoned places are great for that.

Rothesay has a building just along the sea front near the Pavilion which folks used to come to in order to swim in the sea, I think. It has a domed street level entrance, white tiled changing rooms, a bar, showers and steps you can sit on to help you swim in the sea. You get the sense that this used to be a majestic facility, the tiling is nearly 100% intact after a hundred years exposed to the seafront weather.

I don’t really know what it’s called but it’s fenced off, danger signed, private property marked and pretty much falling into the sea, which seems like a huge shame as it’s a beautiful & fascinating place, so I waited til the tide was out & climbed over the rocks to get some pictures.

I only have an 85mm portrait lens, so it’s hard to give you much idea of the overall shape of the place, but here’s a few iPhone shots I took along the way:

I love the details, and there are some gorgeous details at this site. It has graffiti, some strange plants & the spectacular dome. Here is the dome from the inside…

And the outside of the dome, for reference.

Here’s a gallery of shots taken inside the Rothesay Baths, postcards from a forgotten history.

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