Glad Radio Launch 27.11.21

Richard Bull had a fundraiser at The Glad Cafe for his Glad Radio project, ‘a platform for voices from across Glasgow’s Southside communities’ which isn’t exactly me, but it’s nearby and a great initiative.

I didn’t take any photos of thi wurd because I wasn’t sure that it would be ok, and I didn’t wanna upset anyone with my incessant shutter slap – they were excellent, though; something like 8 short pieces of writing, all different, all brilliant, all complementing each other beautifully. I look forward to seeing them again, and the guy who runs it says I can shoot it next time, so I will.

I also arrived too late to see Adam Ross & Raveloe because I had been at a video shoot that afternoon and you know how everything always takes just a little longer than you think it’s going to.

Then, at the end, Jill Lorean called me a polymath which I had to look up, but I’m still feeling pretty smug about it 🙂

That’s Man Of The Minch, whose songs, voice & gentle guitar are a sublime combination that I could listen to all day.

Flinch has a long career ahead of her, a wonderful vocalist, guitarist & writer, she comes over like the lead singer from Lush gone solo, a thing I always wish she had done.

Broken Chanter does humour so black you’ll have to check yourself laughing at it and songs like looking at Frightened Rabbit in an upside down mirror.

Roddy Hart is a hero to many & for good reason – incredible performer & writer plus Springsteen coverer bar none, it’s also impossible to take a bad photograph of him.

Jill Lorean reminds me of the time I saw Chan Marshall of Cat Power play to about 5 people in the upstairs room of a pub in Nottingham. One of the most incredible shows I’ve ever been too and that’s where Jill is headed, too. Catch up.

Anyway. Viva Glad Radio. Nice work, Richard Bull. More, please.

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