For me, shooting video was a natural extension of shooting stills, and my eye is for that one perfect frame. I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit & can often work on typography with you or your designer to incorporate elements of your brand into my work. 

A common problem with shooting a music video is – what happens? I’m experienced at working with an artist who has a general sense of how to visually accompany a song but is struggling to conceptualise or capture their ideas. This is my sweet spot, a speciality I am very proud of. 

I founded Massive Overheads Productions with author Andrew Leach as a way to tell stories that we wrote. We have shot short films & many music videos. There aren’t many on my channel because I tend to shoot for other artists, who then have the right to host my work on their channel. I’m happy to sell the license to anything we shoot.


I own a Canon C100 mkii which uses the same EF mount lenses as my stills cameras. I use an Atomos Ninja HD recorder to capture footage from the Canon cinema camera. I use a Miller tripod, a Shape/Wooden Camera shoulder rig, a Ronin gimbal with an Easyrig backpack & a collection of Edelkrone tracks, jibs, dollys, etc. 

I own an Aputure 600D, an Aputure Nova PC300 & an Aputure 120Dii for classic three-point video lighting, with a flight case full of stands, diffusers, umbrellas & modifiers. I use a Manfrotto pro scrim kit & a Matthews RoadRags II kit for flagging. 

This can be brought by me to location shoots or used in a studio. This often saves the cost of renting lighting, which can be a major cost in a video shoot. 

All my gear is Peli-cased / Mindshift bagged, charged with spares and ready to travel. 

I have a transparent & detailed pricing sheet that I can share with you, showing where the money goes. 

If you want a music video and you want it to look like a movie, contact me. I have a network of support, so can get any help we need, but you’ll be working with me & my vision to keep things simple, on track & on budget.

My Work